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Services Offered By US

Suprabha Interior provides whole set of services related to construction, renovation, interior designing and maintenance requirements for a property. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who execute all the projects with utmost professionalism and flawless perfection.Suprabha Interiors is laced with all the modern technology and let you visualize the final product in 3-D video and image software. We hold an expertise in designing ergonomic home / office furniture as well.

We have a team of professional architectures and interior designers who provide the best possible service within your budget. We hold an expertise in project planning and layout in order to avoid any manufacturing error. The satisfaction you achieve after the completion of a project is the biggest appreciation and success for us. Below is the range of services which we offer:

1- Modular Kitchen

We are one of the leading companies in Gorakhpur which provide optimum qualitymodular kitchen services. Our team of expert kitchen designers offers the most outstanding solutions that will fit your style and needs. We are expert in designing parallel, L-shaped, U-shaped and Island style kitchen depending upon the availability of space. We have over decade of experience in all kind of contemporary designs including wood, glass and lacquered finish.

Moreover, we have anexpertise in designing kitchen with all the modern accessories which will give your kitchen a lavish look. We customize each and every part of kitchen including accessories, appliances, counter top finish and cabinet materials depending upon your choice and preference. You can also suggest your requirements in having base/bottle units, corner/tall units and sink units. Services we provide include:

  • Kitchen Cabinet
  • Paver & Landscaping
  • Wooden Flooring
  • Ceiling Systems
  • Stainless Steel Handrails etc.

2- Electrical services

We also provide premium electrical lighting services to make your home, office, factory more welcoming. We have affordable and energy efficient lighting solutions which provide aesthetic look to the interiors of your establishment. Moreover theselighting never looks old fashioned. We provide lighting solutions in various colors which complement the room walls and other room interiors. We have an expertise in selecting and providing the best lighting to make your home a smart home. This will include indoor as well as outdoorlighting.

Our interior design experts visit your home before lighting installation to consult you on lighting solutions most suitable for living area, kitchen, office, meeting rooms and bathrooms etc. This process helps in saving lot of energy and providing highly efficient interior lighting framework.


3- Interior Services

Suprabha Interiors is forerunner in providing world class interior designing services in Gorakhpur. We provide all kind of interior designing irrespective of the location such as residential, commercial, industrial and institutional. We are specialized in conceptualizing, designing and executing interior projects. We are determined to create a space which is elegant, contemporary and cost effective.

Suprabha Interiors has always been admired and praised by our clients for our creativity and colors. We handle all the projects with a team of experts who employ ideas and innovative thinking to complete the project within given time frame.

Residential projects include:

  • Bedroom interior design
  • Kitchen interior design
  • Kids Room Interior Design
  • Study Room Interior Design
  • Drawing and Living Room Interiors Design
  • Bathroom Interior Design
  • Floor design and Wall art

Corporate projects include:

  • Conference Room Interior Design
  • Office Interior Design
  • Meeting Room Interior Design

Industrial projects include:

  • Showrooms and Shops Interior Design
  • Restaurant Interior Design
  • Hospital Interior Design
  • Hotel Interior Design

Institutional projects include:

  • Institute, School and College Interior Design
  • Computer Lab Interior Design
  • Library Interior Design

We believe in providing the highest level of professional service along with contemporary design which always fit your budget. Our approach is always practical and we plan meticulously according to the requirement of the client. With proper knowledge of interior designing and knowledge of the latest trend, we provide exceptional designing service which focuses on style and comfortability.


4- Construction Services

We have an expertise in offering our customers well defined and managed renovation and construction services. Our experienced professionals ensure that the construction solutions you get match up to your expectations and requirements. We are equipped with the latest technologies and machines to deliver modern day facilities. We offer our services at market competitive prices.

Whether the project is related to remodeling of your home or business, we are in a unique position to help you get your perfect business or home atmosphere. Our years of experience and quick learning team put us in a position to complete the project in time.

There is an expert quality team that ensures that the work done is up to the mark. The material used in building projects are sourced from verified and trusted vendors in the market. We provide one-stop solutions for all your interior requirements like flooring, fall ceiling and luxury bathroom design.

Work we do:

  • Marble Flooring
  • Tiles Flooring
  • Wooden Flooring
  • PVC Flooring
  • Italian Flooring
  • POP Ceiling
  • Grid Ceiling
  • Metal Ceiling
  • Gypsum and Wooden Ceiling
  • Complete renovation

Our work has always been appreciated among our clients.


5- Modular furniture designing and installation

Suprabha Interiors is a leading manufacturer, trader and supplier of premium quality furniture. We have our own furniture factory where we design and manufacture furniture which is supervised by a team of expert designers and trained professional who take care of smallest things while designing your product. Using the latest tools, we are capable of delivering flawless design and reliable furniture. We also trade and provide furniture to third party companies which do not have their own manufacturing units.

Suprabha Interiors use the updated technology to pre-design the furniture and carefully plan to install it to fit both your style and your requirement. We have gained the trust of our clients in this domain and are always been appreciated for our professional and timely delivery. The optimum utilization of available space is our main motive while installing thefurniture.


6- Wallpaper Decor

Wallpaperis a décor stuff which provides an altogether new look to the walls. This works as a great solution to fill your room with lively and dynamic environment. In addition, the biggest advantage of using wallpaper décor is that you can choose wallpaper as per the theme of your room. For instance you can choose cartoon based wallpapers for kids room, scenery based wallpaper for living rooms and so on.The wallpapers work like an extra decorative layer and add warmth and details in the dull looking room.

We are one of the most respected and preferred wallpaper service providers in Gorakhpur. Our contemporary yet affordable wallpaper solutions transform your living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or kids room to fall you in love with your home again.

We have expertise in providing imported wallpaper designs. We deal in high-quality material wallpapers only to provide you long lasting solutions. We are the leading suppliers and traders of:

  • 3D Wallpaper
  • HD Wallpaper
  • Imported Wallpaper

We provide perfect finish along with clean design which will make your wall beautiful for years.


7- Fabrication and glass work

Fabrication and glass work is making glass in tailor made product so that it can fit at any given location. Glasses which are toughened ensures the best protection. We provide glass fabrication service which will add a new style to your home or office.

Our service includes:

  • Wood Partition
  • Creative Wooden Wall Design
  • Wooden Wall Paneling
  • Toughened Glass work
  • Fusion Work
  • Glass Glazing
  • ACP Work
  • Signage Board
  • Aluminium Doors & Windows
  • Metal Doors And Windows
  • Aluminum Partitions
  • Rolling Shutters
  • Panel Doors
  • MS and SS Railing

We have an expertise in Edge work, custom shapes, notching, handling different sizes, holes, and polishing. We are capable of fabricating other materials too such as doors, aluminum, wood and toughening glass. We can do traditional craft too. Our computer cutting technology and advanced water jet cutting tech enable us to fabricate any type of glass.


8- Painting, Polishing and Plumbing

We hold experience in painting, polishing, and plumbing for home and office in every field. We have a wide variety of paints and polishing much to the client’s delight. The first step taken in painting is cleaning of the wall. Then the fine coating of paint is applied. Same is done with polishing which is then covered on furniture to prevent them from dust and damage.

Our service includes:

  • Texture Painting
  • 3D Room painting
  • Interior and Exterior Painting
  • Waterproofing treatment services
  • All kind of Plumbing services
  • All kind of Polishing services

Our highly qualified team of technician is cable of completing any type of project from leaking tap to broken pipes. We fix existing issues, leakage, and structural issues and complete it to give you a new look. Our experts diagnose the problem and find the best possible solution and quality work.

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